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Quick Pick Coffee Guide

Here is a quick guide to Crude's coffee blends to help you find your next favorite coffee.  These are listed from lightest blend to darkest.

Nooner - The perfect afterNOON cup of coffee, light and slightly fruity. Country of origin is Ethiopia.

Midnight Rider - Light, mellow and clean, perfect for the overnight shift.Country of origin is high ground El Salvador.

Morning Glory - Crudes answer to the breakfast blend, medium smooth and slightly nutty.  Country of origin is El Salvador.

Grit - Medium roast with smooth milk chocolate and caramel undertone.  Country of origin is El Salvador.

Red Dirt/West Texas Crude - Show your state pride with this universally popular blend, darker but smooth and rich and nutty.  Country of origin is El Salvador.

Big Rig - Dark roast with smoky, strong flavor with a bitter chocolate undertone.  Country of origin is El Salvador.

G.S.D. - Dark and robust flavor, slightly spicy.  For days when you just need to Get Sh*t Done. Country of origin is Indonesia.

Double Barrel - Crude's darkest roast, for a bold, full bodied cup.  Country of origin is Indonesia.

If you just can't decide on one, no worries!  Just check out our bundle options and get instant savings and four bags of amazing coffee.  Looking for just the right gift?  We also have gift cards available.